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Hi! We are Michael and Irina, husband and wife. We have our day jobs as an Engineer and Doctor, but we always dreamed about having our own business and here it is - our Tesla Hire. We love electric cars and are passionate about technology that reduces harm to the environment. It's great that we can share it with other people!



The brand that implies a connection to the outstanding scientist Nikola Tesla should really live up to a super high standard. And we think Tesla does.

We heard of Tesla (of course!) and watched it's progress and development from a distance - through videos on social media, but never had a chance to see a Tesla close, let alone drive it. One day, though, when we were on holidays abroad, we looked up car hire and found out that some owners shared their Teslas and allowed other people to hire their cars. We hired Tesla and to be honest, we were excited like little kids! Jumping around, pressing all the buttons, opening and closing falcon doors, videoing as it goes up and down on its wheels... It showed a superb performance on the road as well. Sooo fast! So clever.

The idea of doing similar thing in Aberdeen then came to our minds and recently came to life!


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