What are driver requirements?

  • Must be a minimum of 30 years old

  • Have held a driving license for more a minimum of 2 years.

  • Driving license from any country is accepted

  • No involvement in more than one accident or insurance claim over the previous 3 years.

  • Must have less than 6 points on a license. If you have more than 6, we could still negotiate it with the insurance company.

  • Two forms of address proof which can be utility bills or bank statements (dated within the last 3 months)

  • DVLA Code (www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence)

What is the range of your Tesla X?

You'd be looking at anywhere between 230 and 280 miles. It depends on the number of passengers and luggage in the car, weather conditions, driving style, etc. You don't need to calculate it in your head though. Tesla does it for you - just use the navigator to plan your journey and it will find chargers on the way and will prompt you to recharge when needed.

What apps do I need?

There are a couple of mobile apps that could come handy to enhance your Tesla EV driving experience:

- Tesla (you will be granted a "guest" access to control the car remotely)

- PlugShare (user-friendly and the most up-to-date list of charging stations in Scotland)

- Charge Your Car (access to the largest network of the charging stations (funded by the Scottish government)

How do I charge the car?

The charging process will be explained at the handover (it is extremely simple). You will be also given an RFID card that will allow you to use almost every public charging station in Scotland for free. Tesla chargers (destination and supercharger) are also free for use. Note that we do not have refuelling policy, so feel free to squeeze as much juice out of the car as you want

Do you provide car pick-up/drop off service in other cities (outwith Aberdeen)?

Only for rental periods of 5 days and more. All such requests will be negotiated on an individual basis. Subject to potential extra costs (travel expenses)

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, but we recommend double-checking driver requirements before buying a gift voucher for someone else

What should I know about insurance?

- Comprehensive insurance is included in the rental cost

- Driver requirements are quite onerous (i.e. 30+ y.o.)

- Additional drivers are at an additional cost of £50 per person per hire

- £3,000 excess pre-authorisation is required

- Cheap excess waivers could be bought from www.icarhireinsurance.com or www.rentalcover.com 

What is an excess pre-authorisation?

This is a short-term hold against the available balance on your credit card.
Please note – this is not an actual charged amount and no payments are charged.
What are the implications of this?
1. Once your reservation has been confirmed and the booking fee has been paid, we will put a temporary pre-authorisation hold of £3,000 against the available balance on your payment card. If the booking is less than 24hrs away, this temporary hold will be placed at the time of booking in person.
2. When you complete your rental and return the vehicle undamaged, the pre-authorisation funds will be released by your card issuer.
3. Depending on your credit card provider, it can sometimes take up to 14 working days before this is reflected back into your credit card’s available balance. This is out of our control.

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