How It Works

Hiring process

  1. Send us a message of what service you want and when

  2. We contact you and advise on the car availability and price for the service

  3. If you are happy to proceed with an offer, we send your contact details to our partner, 3F EV, who will process the payment and collect all the documentation required for the insurance

  4. After all that boring bureaucracy is sorted, we meet you at an agreed location on the day and hand the car to you (~30 minutes induction)

  5. You have a lot of fun!!

  6. Once the hire is over, we meet you in Aberdeen and after a quick handover, you will be rushing to tell all your friends how much you enjoyed driving Tesla X ;) 

And do not forget - no fuel expenses or refueling charges​ - all for free


  • UK comprehensive insurance is included in the price of your rental with us.

  • Additional drivers could be included at one-off charge of £50 per person for the entire rental period.

  • £60 charge for taking the car to Europe

  • There is an insurance excess authorization (excess pre-authorisation of £3,000). Please note – this is not an actual charged amount and no funds are taken.

  • If you want to, excess waivers at a cost of ~£4-6 per day could be procured online (e.g.,, and others)


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