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3 Day Castle Trip in an Electric Vehicle

Take a weekend off and bring the whole family for a 3-day trip to visit some of Scotland's most stunning castles, filled with learning, landmarks and a lot of fun! Your electric car will allow you to get out of the bright lights of the city and go back in time as you visit some incredible castles and ruins.

Starting off in Aberdeen on a full charge before you set off is always a great start. Although our route never strays too far from Aberdeen, the miles will add up with our added stops. Not to worry though as we'll keep you updated with your nearest charging points below. So it’s time to go back to school and dust of the history books as we head out on a 3-day castle trip. Let’s go!

Day 1 - Aberdeen to Kemnay via Stonehaven

Charging Points along the way:

  • Aberdeen

  • Stonehaven: Market Square

  • Peterculter: Maryculter House

  • Kingswells Park and Ride

  • Thainstone House

Step 1 :

Since it’s only down the road your first stop is Stonehaven. Set your navigator for the ancient ruins of Dunnottar Castle which rests proudly on the cliffside 160ft above the North Sea. Steeped in history from the days of Wallace and Cromwell to its 1991 appearance in the film Hamlet it makes a great visit. It will take you roughly an hour to reach the destination but you can always stop off for a coffee as you pass through the town Stonehaven before reaching the ruins.

We would recommend giving yourself at least an hour to check out the ruins from and to take in the stunning surroundings. It is also notable that guide books can be purchased on-site for £5 for further information on the history of the grand ruins.

If you plan on staying in the area for longer then we recommend taking a walk up the coast, weather permitting of course, where you can visit the local war memorial and view the castle from the lagoon for a whole new perspective.

Note: Due to the castle's coastal location wheelchair access it not available.

Step 2:

Now head for the town of Kemnay as this will be your stopover point for the night bringing you closer to our day 2 destinations. Again, the journey time will be around one hour but may vary on where your accommodation is.

If you fancy adding in another stop on the way to Kemnay, you can turn off and head for Castle Fraser. Take a stroll around the secluded walled garden before heading inside to discover the secret staircases, hidden trapdoors and magnificent family portraits and jewels that decorate the grand estate.

Step 3:

Here are some suggestions in the surrounding areas for places to stay overnight.

  • Burnett Arms Hotel - Bridge Road, Inverurie, AB51 5QT

  • Strathburn Hotel - Burghmuir Drive, Inverurie, AB51 4GY

  • Iona Bed and Breakfast - Iona, Wardes Road, AB51 3TT

Day 2 - Kemnay to Turriff

Charging Points along the way:

  • Oldmeldrum: Meldrum Country House and Golf Course

  • Fyvie: Main Street

  • ACE Winches

  • Turriff: High Street

Accommodation in Turriff:

Step 1:

First castle stop of the day is the impressive grounds of Fyvie Castle. This will be around a 35-minute drive and remember to check your charge level before setting off. Dating back to the 13th century the fine example of Baronial architecture is a treasure trove of arms, armour and grand paintings on display. Weather depending, you can also take a wander around the castle grounds and the nearby loch.

After a leisurely stroll around the estate, it's back in the car and off to Turriff which is only a 15-minute drive to the village centre.

Step 2:

There will be lots of time to add in a visit to Delgatie Castle which will only add an extra 5 minutes to the journey time as it is situated in the North-East outskirts of Turriff. The castle has seen some wonderful renovations to bring it back to its former glory for the public to enjoy. Admission is £5 per person and opening times are 10 am-4 pm.

Or, if you fancy a break from the castles you can check out the following attractions on the surrounding area.

Step 3:

Here are some suggestions in the surrounding areas for places to stay overnight.

Day 3 - Turriff to Aberdeen via Ellon

Charging Points along the way:

  • Turriff: High Street

  • Ellon: Station Road Library

  • Balmacassie Recycling Centre

  • Aberdeen

Step 1:

There’s time for one last stop on the return to Aberdeen so let’s check out Tolquhon Castle in Ellon. Set your navigator for the castle address of Udny Green, Tarves AB41 7LP and begin the 35-minute journey. The ruins of this fairy tale castle are tucked away in the countryside and make for a lovely afternoon of exploring.

Step 2:

From Toloquhon to Aberdeen the drive will take around 40 minutes where we will be awaiting your arrival, ready and waiting to hear all about your trip.

After all that you’ll certainly need some time to relax but hopefully, you will of had a wonderful trip.

Visit Scotland has lost more information on these historic sites to check out:

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