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Driving the NC500 in an Electric Car

Driving the NC500 in an Electric Car | Tesla Car Hire, Aberdeen

An eco-friendly adventure along one of Scotland’s most beloved routes around the stunning Scottish Highlands has never been easier. There are now free-to-use rapid charge points at 95% of the UK’s service stations, including those along the NC500 route.

The NC500 is 516 miles long and stretches from Inverness all the way around the top of bonnie Scotland bypassing some of the most gorgeous spots in our country; Applecross, Durness, Thurso and John O’ Groats to name a few.

There are now lots of charging points at almost every hotspot along the NC500, allowing you to stop, refresh, regroup and recharge. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite and most iconic places to stop along the NC500, so you can get out the car and stretch your legs and re-electrify!

Inverness to Ullapool - NC500

You’ll start your journey in Inverness and drive clockwise around the north of Scotland. You’ll get an abundance of charging points in and around the Inverness area. Between your journey from Inverness to Ullapool you will find spots such as Rogie Falls in Ross-shire, a series of waterfalls on the Black Water. You’ll also pass the gorgeous hills and film location hotspot Torridon and the shores of Loch Torridon (as featured in the Netflix film Outlaw King). Not to mention driving one of the most amazing roads in Scotland Bealach na Bà, the old mountain pass at Applecross.

Once you reach Ullapool you’ll not be stuck for recharging points. Ullapool is a village of around 1500 inhabitants in Ross Cromarty, and is an important port and tourist destination in the Scottish Highlands.

Ullapool to Tongue - NC500

Enroute to Tongue, which is where the northernmost Munnro lies, you’ll pass Durness & Cape Wrath. Driving along the west coast will leave you no shortage of beautiful spots, walks and hills. Stop by and visit Smoo Cave, a large combined sea and freshwater cave in Durness where you can switch electric for water and hop on a boat tour. On your travels you’ll find some of Scotland’s finest beaches, if it’s good weather, you might even forget you’re in the UK.

Tongue is home to Ben Hope, which boasts stunning views towards Orkney. After you’ve stretched your legs, you’ll be able to recharge the car and move on, because the fun certainly doesn’t stop there.

Tongue to John O’ Groats - NC500

On your way to John O’ Groats you’ll be able to stop by Thurso. Thurso is situated in the historical area of Caithness and is the northernmost town on British mainland - how cool.

Reaching John O’ Groats will be quite an achievement, and you’ll have definitely had a lot of new experiences on your travels so far so how about another? John O’ Groats is the most Northerly point of Scotland, and you’ll definitely need to remember to stop at the famous sign for a photo opportunity. You’ll get charging points at both Thurso and John O’ Groats.

Wick & the East Coast - NC500

Wick lies off the River Wick and extends along both sides of Wick Bay. It’s another great tourist hotspot and a place to recharge your batteries.

On your way back to inverness you will drive down the East Coast, a smooth and refreshing drive for heading home. Driving along a soothing coastline, you’ll be able to soak up the sea all the way back to Inverness.

There’s nothing more special than packing up the car for a few nights with your loved ones and setting off on a truly Scottish adventure. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and in a Tesla you will experience every part of this, whilst also doing your bit to keep our Highlands clean.

Tesla Car Hire Aberdeen is now offering car rentals for the NC500. Perfect for discovering new parts of Scotland, romantic adventure getaways, trips away with the family or a sustainable few nights with colleagues. The Tesla is the perfect companion for the NC500 allowing you time to breathe, discover, adventure, laugh, love and recharge.

Here’s a handy video guide on driving in Scotland and things to be mindful of;

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