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Driving the NC500 in an Electric Vehicle in 3 days

Driving the NC500 in and Electric Vehicle in 3 days

Sounds like a challenge, right? Not at all. In fact you can do the NC500 in 3 days and 2-3 charges. We’ve put together the perfect 3 day NC500 Itinerary, so you can make sure you catch all the best spots, stop for a recharge and get some sleep. Whilst having an adventurous few days away in one of the most beautiful and renowned parts of Scotland.

One of the main worries when travelling anywhere long distance in an electric car is the range anxiety. The last thing you want is to be stranded having to ask a stranger to borrow their electricity! Electric Cars have slowly been become more advanced over the years with their range slowly getting better, Tesla have continued to push this to become one of the longest-driving reliable electric vehicles. The Model X has a range of 250 miles, this is just under half the NC500 (because it’s actually just over 500 miles!). This means you will be able to do the full way around the route with 1 full charge to start, and two on your way round.

There are lots of charging points around the NC500. Zap Map is a great website to use to get all the charging points in your area, so you’ll never be stuck without any power!

Day 1 Inverness - Ullapool

The most sensible thing to do would be to get a full charge in Inverness before you start your first leg of the journey. Perfect time to make sure you’ve packed everything. You’ll have covered around 150-250 miles by this point; if you take into account scenic de-tours and maybe a few wrong turns. In Ullapool you’ll be able to recharge both yourself and the car

Charging Points:

Latheron Lane, Ullapool

Ullapool Harbour Trustees, Ullapool

Things to do & see:

On the road: Rogie Falls, Applecross & Torridon

Take a boat trip with Shearwater Cruises in Ullapool

Visit the architectural gem Ullapool Museum


Broomfield Holiday Park

Ardmair Point Caravan Park

House on The Point B&B

Waterside House

You’ll also find a range of supermarkets, shops, cafes and restaurants so you can make sure you’re ready for the next part of the journey!

Day 2 Ullapool - John O’ Groats

The next place you will definitely need a charge will be John O’ Groats - plus you’ll want to stop there for a photo anyway! This will be around 150-200 miles taking into account stops for exploring and rest break or two!

Charging Points:

Public Toilet Car Park, Scourie

Public Toilet Car Park, Melvich

Scrabster Harbour Trust, Scrabster

Gills Bay Ferry Terminal, Canisbay

John O’ Groats Visitor Centre

Things to do & see:

Kearvaig Bay & Balnakeil Bay Beach

Boat tour through Smoo Cave

Cape Wrath

Climb Ben Hope the most northerly Munro

John O’ Groats for a photo opportunity!


Creag Na Mara B&B

John O’ Groats Caravan & Camping Site

Burnside Cottage B&B

John O’ Groats House Hotel

You’ll be able to stop in John O’ Groats to go to a few shops or get an ice cream, hopefully you manage to get a sunny day!

Day 3 - John O’ Groats - Home

If you get a full charge at John O’ Groats you’ll have more than enough to get you all the way back to Inverness.

Charging Points:

Wick Railway Station, Wick

Victoria Place Car Park, Wick

Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale

Things to do & see:

River Wick & Wick Bay

Sinclairs Bay

Hill O’ Many Stanes

Cairn Liath

Brora Beach

On your drive back down the East of Scotland you’ll not be short of breathtaking coastlines and quiet towns to stop in for lunch.

We would recommend downloading the Zap Map, and keeping it handy on your travels, as well as keeping a note (or this print out!) of all the charging areas in case you lose signal or GPS.

The NC500 is one of Scotland’s ultimate adventures, but it’s not for the faint hearted. The North of Scotland is one of the few places of real wilderness left in the UK, but it comes with a lot of rewards. You will create memories that last a lifetime. Just remember to plan ahead, be sensible and carry emergency food and water!

We hope you have a trip full of exploration, adventure and wonder!

Here’s a handy video guide on driving in Scotland and things to be mindful of;

A link to Zap Maps, a live electric charging point map;


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